Month: January 2006

Favorite Fishing Cigar

It’s getting closer to trout season. I know it is! I can feel it. In order to prepare properly, one has to pick out the right equipment. The focus today is on the right cigar. SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Cigars Are

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Is that a Moose in Your Yard?

Pennsylvania Moose? According to this article, Moose used to live in Penn’s Woods. Moose (Alces alces) were once plentiful in Pennsylvania and even inhabited Northampton and Monroe counties. Like the elk, bison and mountain lion, moose were eventually hunted to

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Lions Confirmed

You read it here first: Mountain lions still exist in Pennsylvania: Just prior to the start of Pennsylvania’s two-week firearms deer season, the volunteers at the Eastern Puma Research Network put out a call to hunters. They wanted to hear

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The Pill

See this article, “Anti’s Call for Deer Birth Control in Park,” where anti-hunters want to control the deer herd with birth control pills instead of hunting. These are the same people who solve prison overcrowding problems with early release or

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UK Bans Reloading

This is scary. Looking through the latest Gun List yesterday and there was a little blurb saying that because an English policeman was shot with handloaded ammo and killed that they were going to require a license to purchase reloading

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January 2006 PGC Agenda

The Agenda for the January 22-24, 2006 Pennsylvania Game Commission meeting is available here. Highlights include: PGC’s Staff’s position not endorsing the use of atlatl for deer hunting. Rifle Deer season remains the same; basically continuing the “if it is

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Fish Record, Again

Catch a fish, weigh it, measure, get it in the record book. Then someone else comes along and claims you cheated. Lose your record. Finally, after years, your name is cleared and your record is reinstated. See this story: The

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2006 Fishing License

The start of a new year also means the expiration of your fishing license. Hard to believe we have to pay for a license to fish. Next, the Commonwealth will be charging us a fee to die. Check that, they

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Lucky Buck

Thanks to an alert reader, we have a video of the luckiest buck in 2005.

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Muzzleloader Season Ends

My muzzleloader season ended last week with the tragic loss of my rear sight. Just like other things we lose, it was there when I got out of the truck, but when the sun came up, it was gone. No

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