500m Groundhog

I visited Shippensburg Fish & Game today and shot in my first “Paper Groundhog” match against a friend of mine and a couple of other nice fellows.

It was the first time my Tikka ever shot 500 meters; and it didn’t do that bad!

I’m shooting the Tikka heavy barrel 22-250 with a 6-18 Swift scope. The reloads contain 37.5 grains of Varget, and push a 53 g Keim BR bullet.

200m 47
300m 46
500m 28
Total: 121

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2 comments on “500m Groundhog
  1. Fuzzie says:

    See this forum for more details about this shoot.

    A good Father/Son story.

  2. ErikT says:

    Nice paper kill, now let’s see some fur! 🙂

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