Bench Time

Hunting is over (except for the upcoming coyote hunt).  It is still a little weird fishing in the winter.  So, that leaves shooting.

Since it appears we aren’t going to have any snow this year, I think I will get out to the Club and shoot some…I can always use the groundhog prep.

Besides, the cold shooting will give me an opportunity to test my buddy’s claim that the same bullet and load will shoot differently in the winter compared to the summer.

No matter the results, I look forward to sending some lead down range.

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5 comments on “Bench Time
  1. Gene says:

    Yes, in ambient extremes,(i.e.,40-50 degrees), your point of impact will differ. The same holds true if your cartridges are exposed to sunlight for several minutes in extremely high summer weather. Always try to keep live ammo in the shade. Yep, I got cabin fever too and am ready to get to the range when the temp and precip cooperate.

  2. TPlank says:

    Mt Holly Fish & Game is holding Running Deer shoots. 100 yard moving target, 100 stationary, 200 yard stationary; 4 shots each. 2 rounds (I think) w/ different targets. Open sight and scoped categories and different scoring classes as well. Saturday’s at 11am start. Not every Saturday though. Check the schedule at the webpage. I’m usually around helping somewhere.

  3. Fuzzie says:

    Nice TPLank.
    Here is the link.
    Looks like the dates left are: Feb. 11 & 25, March 11 & 25.

  4. Fuzzie says:

    It sure would be nice if Mt. Holly Springs Fish & Game would post a link to Pennsylvania: Hunt. Fish. Shoot.
    Hint, hint.

  5. TPlank says:

    Thought I did???

    I’ll check on it

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