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New OSHA Reg Would Close Firearm and Ammunition Industry

If you can’t ban guns, why not regulate the industry so heavily that no manufacturer could possibly survice. That is what the Department of Labor and OSHA are trying to do. Read this article. As written, the proposed rule would

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2nd Amendment

Is the 2nd Amendment an individual right? Or a collective right? Should international treaties include a right to bear arms? Read this law review article written by C. Joseph Schmidt and published by the William & Mary Bill of Rights

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More Gun Control

This can’t be good news: There could be big changes coming for Pennsylvania gun owners. Some gun owners say House Bill 760, or the Firearm Registration Act is an assault on their Constitutional right to bear arms. Ben Russell explains

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Christian 3D Archery Shoot

Mark your calendars for April 13-15, 2007. A Christian 3-D archery shoot, mid-afternoon to dark on Friday, 7 AM-dark on Saturday and 8 AM-2 PM. on Sunday, Y’s Men Farm, Stone Church and McClure’s Gap roads, north of Carlisle, sponsored

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Beat Cabin Fever

The perfect solution to cabin fever came to most of Pennsylvania last week in the form of snow.  This is probably the last snow of the year, so get out and take advantage of it.  Coyote hunt! What better time

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When Sorry Doesn’t Count

I had intended on staying out of this mess. Really, I had. Jim Zumbo wrote a piece on his blog equating semiautomatic rifles as “terrorist” rifles, and stating there was no legitimate hunting reason to own such. It was a

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Good Gun Guy Gets Bum Rap

A local gun shop helps the feds trap some felons.  You might think some kuddos are in store.  Not for Tanner’s Sport Center in Jamison, PA.  Instead, they got featured as a shady dealer on the Brady Center to Prevent

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Concealed Weapon Law

On November 29, 2006, Governor Rendell signed into a law a change that allows a hunter which a valid personal protection permit to carry a concealed weapon while hunting. Act No. 2006-162 Section 1.  Title 34 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated

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Live Targets

Oops, someone did it again; used live animals as targets. This time, it was turkeys. Dozens of domestic turkeys were staked to bales of straw and used as live targets at an archery contest, according to authorities who charged a

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Time For A New Shotgun

OK, the punt gun was different.  More historic than anything.  Not very practical for today’s hunting. This, on the other hand, is today’s shotgun.  The Beretta  Xtrema2.  Wow, I have never seen a video quite like this one. Outdoor Life

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