Cooper is 4!


My youngest turned four today!

Happy Birthday Cooper!

He had a super day. Chuck-E-Cheese, then too many presents.

He had a great time with his grandparents.

I found the perfect .22 bolt action for him; now to convince his mother that he needs a rifle. I think she will understand.

I hope so.

If not, I guess it will keep until he turns 5. I might have to test it at the range for him a couple of times. I’m sure he’ll understand.

Caption: Surf’s Up!
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6 comments on “Cooper is 4!
  1. Rodney Dill says:

    OTB might like the caption too, Happy Birthday Cooper

  2. Rodney Dill says:

    OTB would probably like that caption too, Happy Birthday Cooper. (and happy hunting)

  3. Gene says:

    I hope you bought him a COOPER rifle!! Happy birthday buddy!!Your pop should know that with a BB gun, you could practice in the garage or cellar, and maybe even reduce the starling population a bit; and at the same time, learn safe gun handling practices. You could even shoot at my silhouette targets!! Have fun. Gene

  4. Grandpop says:

    Happy Birthday Cooper.
    The 22 is a great idea for a gift. Your Grandmother approves ( or at least, she said so while taking a nap) Love you

  5. Meadville Dan says:

    Happy B-day!! Give him a slingshot first.

  6. ErikT says:

    Happy birthday Cooper!
    Dad BETTER convince Mom to get the .22!

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