New Blog Added

Fellow Hunters and Fishers,

I’ve added a new blog to the links, Deer Camp Blog.  Check out the cool article posted there about us.

Please take some time and read some of his posts.

If you are passionate about duck hunting, you might want to keep your distance.


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3 comments on “New Blog Added
  1. Rex says:

    I like duck hunters, they are just crazy.:)
    thanks for the plug and I will put a duck pos up soon. Send me a pic of the big old buck you got this year.

  2. Rex says:

    got to quit drinking before 9pm.
    your post is pretty funny and should arouse some interest. thanks

  3. Gene says:

    This is a really neat site! But no big PA bucks appeared this year. Actually, darn few deer were seen. Can’t get much worse. Gotta go out of state to find em. PS-Fuzzie, is that you holding a goose with my lab nearby?

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