Got Elk?

Time to apply for an Elk license:


HARRISBURG – With the recent approval of the November 2005 and September 2006 elk hunts, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has started accepting applications from those interested in entering the public drawing for one of 40 elk hunting licenses (10 antlered and 30 antlerless) to be made available for this fall’s season and 10 elk licenses (two either-sex and eight antlerless) for the September 2006 hunt.

The public drawing is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 24. The exact time and location will be announced later this year. The elk seasons are set for Nov. 7-12, 2005, and Sept. 18-23, 2006.

Apply online here.

1 Comment on “Got Elk?

  1. just another way of trying to make a quick buck by the game comm.

    I photograph these guys a lot thru Benezette, Pa. and above 80. Any one shooting these magnificient animals, least of all here in Pa. is one lost puppy.

    These animals will almost eat out of your hand. I have personally made friends with some of these guys and I see no reason for any to be lost to a hunters gun.

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