163 Acres Purchased

Release #034-05
The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today approved two proposals that will increase the State Game Lands system by 163 acres.

CAMBRIA COUNTY: The Board approved a land exchange involving a one-acre parcel on SGL 108 in Reade Township with Joan Noonan, who will provide $12,000 toward the purchase of an indenture in SGL 184 consisting of two tracts totaling 113 acres in Clearfield and Dean townships that will become part of SGL 184. This acquisition will provide public access along nearly one mile of the Clearfield Creek, which is a stocked trout stream. SGL 184 currently contains 4,448 acres in Cambria County.

CLINTON COUNTY: The Board approved the purchase of a 50-acre parcel of land in West Keating Township, that will provide an important access to SGL 321, from John and Sandra Visser for $20,000. SGL 321 currently contains 3,195 acres in Clinton County.

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