Month: June 2005

Alt’s Revenge

Gary Alt, PGC recently retired deer guru, promises to become the Commission’s worse nightmare. Check out this article in the bird lover’s July 2005 edition: There’s only one way to protect yourself, your family, and native ecosystems from the most

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Ross Retires

First Alt, now Ross: Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Vernon R. Ross today announced he will retire effective Dec. 31, to spend more time with his wife and family, and in the Great Outdoors with his grandchildren.

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The Alt vs. PGC Case

Gary Alt took the first swing. The Game Commission responded. Now the PA Outdoor News summarizes each side. Do you get the feeling that it really doesn’t matter who is right, that we hunters are going to lose either way.

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Ten Commandments

The SCOTUS might not approve of posting these, but they will stay here for all to see: Ten Commandments 1. You shall have no other gods besides Me. 2. You shall not make unto you any graven images. 3. You

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Gun Control Fodder

The Philly Daily News is at it again…. Their motto: “Guns don’t kill people, gun dealers do.” Gun dealers “are the main pipeline for crime guns, for criminals getting ahold of guns and for youth getting ahold of guns, and

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504 Yards!

Well, my hunting buddy did it! Yesterday, in the late afternoon, he shot a woodchuck at 504 yards. This, of course, put him in that elite group of hunters, and earns him a place in The Varmint Hunters Association Downrange

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Why is the Pennsylvania Game Commission worried about bats? Is there a new hunting season coming in right before dove season…bat season. Or is the new movie getting everyone excited over bats.

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Coyotes and Rabbit Urine…Perfect Together

Pick up a copy of the Perry County Times. The June 9, 2005 edition has an article by Harry Boyer, “Silently comes the cunning coyote into central Pennsylvania.” I couldn’t find a link to this but here is a summary:

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Armstrong County Arrests

GAME COMMISSION AND ARMSTRONG COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY INVESTIGATION RESULTS IN THE LARGEST CASE IN COUNTY HISTORY The arrests were the result of several months of investigative work involving a total of seven suspects ranging in age from 14 to 46.

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Father’s Day

Just in case you forgot…. BassPro Cabela’s Midway Dick’s Sporting Goods Orvis Happy Father’s Day!

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