Month: June 2005

PGC Meeting June 27-28, 2005

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners will be meeting on June 27-28, at the agency’s Harrisburg headquarters, 2001 Elmerton Ave., just off the Progress Avenue exit of Interstate 81. The meetings will begin at 8:30 a.m. on both days. Here

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Snake Hunt

At a lost for what to do with the kids this weekend, try the Second Annual Cumberland Valley Hose Company’s Snake Hunt. This Saturday and Sunday at the Shippensburg Fairgrounds. Forget the name, there will be other things there besides

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Sunday Hunting to Yield $18 Million

$18 Million. That is how much the recent study suggests would be generated if the no hunting on Sundays law was repealed. The 83 page report didn’t conclude it would be a wise decision to allow Sunday hunting. Interesting.

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Sunday Hunting Study

Looks like the General Assembly is going to finally study Sunday hunting. Do you think the study will conclude the Commonwealth won’t make more money if it repeals the ban on Sunday hunting? I fail to see how that would

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Ground Hog Time

Went to Shippensburg Fish & Game with a member as a guest the other day to prepare for a summer of fun – eradicating pasture poodles for some local farmers. That Club really has some nice facilities. The range was

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Paddlefish Found

Gone since 1919, three paddlefish have been caught around Pittsburgh. The restoration effort can claim success. Let’s go fishing!

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PA Crawls Out of the Dark Ages

It appears Pennsylvania is getting close to joining the ranks of just about every other state in this great nation. Legislation has been introduced to allow hunters to buy their hunting license online, and…sit down, and take a deep breath…actually

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Hearings on Sunday Hunting

Director asks the General Assembly to approve Sunday hunting. GAME COMMISSION TESTIFIES BEFORE HOUSE GAME AND FISHERIES COMMITTEE ON SUNDAY HUNTING LEGISLATION HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross today delivered the following prepared statement at a House

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History of Fly Fishing

This is cool…. This site exists in order to entertain and inform about the history of our sport. It has grown from small beginnings into the largest reference site on the Internet on this specialist subject; as such it

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He Said, She Said…

I’ll let you pick out which is which. On June 3, Gary Alt fired a shot across the PGC’s bow. Not to let that stand without further scrutiny, the scorned agency has replied: Commission manages deer properly, By Calvin DuBrock

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