Month: October 2005


First we had web cams. All sorts of crazies hooked up cameras to their computers to allow the world watch their completely boring life unfold. They were a big hit in some college dormitories. Next, came the traffic cam, and

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Bad Stocking Resumes

The Fish & Boat Commission had a change of heart and is now allowing the stocking of trout from the hatchery that was sending the diseased fish. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) announced [October 19, 2005] that it

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Special Turkey Hunt

Philadelphia will host a special turkey hunt on November 17, 2005. For more information about the rules: For more information about the Philadelphia wild turkey [hunt] or the NWTF, call Brian Dowler or Jonathan Harling at (803) 637-3106. For more

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The Headless Deer

This picture tells the story…more here: Elizabeth Laatsch had to reassure the operator her call was no Halloween prank. A deer came through her backyard Friday with a pumpkin stuck on its head. At least, it looked like a pumpkin

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Deer Problem Solved

Hunters finally figured out how to solve the deer problems in Pennsylvania. Buy a license to fund the Game Commission, and then tear it up so it can’t be used. Better yet, tear up a doe license, so now you

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Armstrong Seven Over

The Armstrong County illegal deer killing case involving seven defendants is over: “This case has been successfully concluded with 74 separate charges resulting in assessed penalties of $32,350,” [Pennsylvania Game Commission Southwest Regional Director Matt] Hough stated.

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Until It Gets Colder

The PGC released this: WARM-WEATHER VENISON CARE Improperly field-dressing a deer carcass and warm weather can impact the quality of venison quickly if a harvested deer isn’t handled properly. Hunters – wearing latex gloves – should remove the entrails immediately

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2005 Archery Season Ends

I got an opportunity to run out to the mountain today, to check on another treestand. Just in case the thief made it to all my favorite spots. I pull into the dirt road, and right away notice construction of

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2006-07 Hunting Seasons

The preliminary 2006-07 hunting seasons have been approved. Looks like we might get a chance to shoot a bear during archery season. The Board also added a two-day archery bear season for WMUs 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 3A, 4A,

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End the SSN Collection Process

The Pennsylvania Game Commission wants an end to the federal requirement forcing them to collect social security numbers from license applicants. So do the hunters! Who was in favor of this legislation besides the PETA and NOW folks?

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