Month: November 2005

2005 Bear Season Sets Record

The PGC reports: Two days of bear hunting have produced a preliminary harvest of 2,875 bears, the largest two-day preliminary harvest total ever posted in the Commonwealth. Here are the details: The preliminary two-day bear harvest by Wildlife Management Unit

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Fishing Hurts? Hurts Who?

Did you see this on Fox News? PETA is actually handing out comic books to 12 year olds telling them their fathers are evil because they fish. Trust me, don’t actually click on that link…you will only give them more

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Commission: “Fewer Deer”

For many hunters, you have known this for some time. Others may simply chalk up their recent deer-less experiences as bad luck. Well, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has finally spoke out and admitted the deer herd in Penn’s Woods is

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Once again, deer camp is just around the corner. It’s time to justify the time away from work and home to the better half. This brief video clip will help you. Good luck.

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Another Use For…

“Tampax aren’t just for ladies.” Best Way to Clean a Shotgun Here’s another use for, well, just check this out.

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Save Your Ammo, Use Your SUV

From the Philly Inquirer….

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Forget Guns

Soon, Pennsylvania hunters can forget about using any modern weapon, and instead unleash the power of ancient weapons against the deer herd. So far, we have the flintlock muzzleloader, and the long bow. Many would even put the recurved bow

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PA Wins!

It looks like we do have plenty of deer in Pennsylvania. They just happen to all be near the highways. Pennsylvania ranks first among the top ten worst states for vehicle-deer collisions, according to an insurance survey published Thursday. Citing

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Merry Venison

This picture of Christmas decorations says it all. Now, do you think a likeness of a deer being dressed is safe from a drunken man with a gun, pretending to be a hunter? Chances are, if you lived in Minnesota,

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Hey BooBoo

This season could yield a record bear harvest: Pennsylvania Game Commission officials believe the state’s three-day black bear season, which opens Nov. 21, should provide great hunting opportunities, has the potential to be one of the state’s best ever, and

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