Month: January 2006

Bench Time

Hunting is over (except for the upcoming coyote hunt).  It is still a little weird fishing in the winter.  So, that leaves shooting. Since it appears we aren’t going to have any snow this year, I think I will get

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Coyote Hunt

The winter coyote hunts are coming soon. Here is the link to last year’s discussion. The 2006 Hunt, the 15th Annual Yote Hunt, is slated for February 17-19, 2006. You can download an application here. The statewide event is the

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Bush: No More Stocked Salmon

Stocking salmon hurts the natural population.  So the story goes.  So, stop stocking salmon and the wild fish will flourish. Conceding that using hatcheries to supplement dwindling salmon populations is harming wild salmon species in some cases, the Bush administration

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Shooting Tips – Detect Excessive Pressure

A alert reader sent this link regarding excessive pressure: TECH TALK–How to Detect Excessive Pressure in Your Cases: Reader ScottyS provided this comparison photo of cases, showing the tell-tale signs of over-pressure. Scotty tells us: “These samples were from a

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Commission Elects New Leader

Thomas E. Boop was elected president of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, after a three hour session January 24, 2006. Read more: In questioning after the meeting, Boop said he believes the commission needs “to listen probably more to our sportsmen.

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Phila’s Got Pumas

Proof! Mountian Lions in the City of Brotherly Love: Now, after almost a decade of unverified appearances around the region, there’s been a definitive cougar sighting. Three cougars, actually, on a ledge not far from the Schuylkill Expressway. I just

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No More Reindeer

More sad news about herds, this time it is caribou numbers. Read more: SANDPOINT, Idaho — In the frozen Selkirk Mountains near the Canadian border, the last tiny herd of caribou in the Lower 48 states is fighting for survival.

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Hunters Slam Commission

At yesterday’s meeting of the Game Commission, hunters pretty much slammed the commission for mismanaging the deer herd. Read more: Hunters rained down their frustration yesterday on the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners, over what they perceive as deer numbers

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Winchester Closing

Sad news: Winchester is closing it’s doors: NEW HAVEN — U.S. Repeating Arms Co., maker of “The Gun that Won the West,” said Tuesday it will shutter its plant here by March 31, ending a 140-year legacy and eliminating 186

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Trap No More

It appears our neighbor to the north has plans for trappers…and they ain’t good plans either. Read more: A movement to ban trapping on public land began gathering steam across Long Island after Southampton Town officials said they want to

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