Month: February 2006

Fishing Interview

I’m going to be interviewed today about fishing. Finally hit the big time! Well, it is not a national inteview. It’s not even a regional interview. But it is an interview and it is about fishing. They gave me a

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What Luck

One of the chain sport stores recently had a sale on Mossberg 935s. I have been interested in picking up an autoloader and I am very satisfied with my Mossberg 835 pump – so the decision wasn’t too hard to

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Gen. Allen H. Light

It becomes my sad duty to report the passing of General Allen H. Light; the father of a close friend, and a fellow hunter and fisher. Maj. Gen. Allen H. Light Jr. MYERSTOWN Major General Allen H. Light Jr., 76,

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Coyote Hunt Results

Today ends the 15th Annual Statewide Coyote Hunt. A good buddy of mine went deep into Penns Woods in serach of Wile E. Coyote. He hasn’t checked in yet, but when he does, I will post an pictrure of his

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Ice Fishing Danger

Muskoka Outdoors Blog has posted what has to be the best video warning of the dangers of ice fishing. The best tips: Do NOT stand to close to your fishing hole Stick to freshwater

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Pennsylvania Theft, I mean Game Commission Steals Land

Here is an interesting letter received by a reader who is in quite a mix with the PGC: Hello. My name is Russ Gooding. As a full time craftsman and educator in the fishing industry, I’m put in the ironic

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Hunting Safety: Dick Cheney

Did the Vice President really shoot a lawyer? The Corpus Christi Caller-Times paper broke this story: Harry Whittington, 78, the prominent Texas lawyer who was injured by shotgun pellets fired from Vice President Dick Cheney’s gun Saturday evening, continues to

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Someone Finally Listened

Hunting license sales must be declining, because someone finally listened to the complaints from hunters that requiring social security numbers on license applications is just plain wrong. Read more here: Republican Sen. Rick Santorum says he will push for a

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Online Skeet

It’s a slow time of the year for hunting, fishing, or shooting news…. So here is a perfect solution to waste some valueable brain cells. Online Skeet Shooting

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Secret Fishing Lure

We are searching for it. We have all tried several this-is-it ideas. But until now, all have failed to live up to our expectations. What am I referring to? Why the secret to a good fishing lure. Now, scientists have

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