Month: March 2006

NYC Traps Coyote

Who would have thought…a coyote was trapped in New York City. A wily coyote led sharpshooters armed with tranquilizer guns on a merry chase through Central Park before being captured on Wednesday. * * * The coyote, nicknamed Hal by

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CWD: The Latest Outlook

In the March/April 2006 edition of Bowhunter, it has an article, “CWD: The Latest Outlook”. The article is excellent … and scary. On page 87 of the article, it states: Dan Grear and Mike Samuel in Wisconsin, and Mike Miller

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Guns & Rooftops Don’t Mix Well

If you are going to shoot pigeons, I’d suggest Higgins, and not Downtown Pittsburgh. This fellow opted for the latter and cause a lot of ruckus. Police closed off most of the Golden Triangle and blocked highway exits to Downtown

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Gun Law Changes Coming

As a gun owner, hunter, and NRA member, I appreciate the efforts of the Pennsylvania General Assembly in protecting our right to bear arms. One bill sponsored by Rep. Steven Cappelli, R-Lycoming, would strengthen the so-called ‘castle doctrine’ that gives

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No Social Security Number Required

A Federal Court judge has held the Privacy Act prohibits any requirement that an applicant provide their social security number to purchase a firearm. See more here.

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Blame the Dog & Ecoterrorism

An alert reader sent this cartoon referencing this story. Another alert reader gave the heads up to the recent Hunter Harassment law proposed changes. We have a new word for it…ecoterrorism. I can see the cartoon now; two felons are

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Texas Changes Law

As a result of the shooting incident in South Texas when a lawyer was shot by the Vice President, a new set of Hunting Regulations Regarding the Taking and Harvesting of Attorneys will be enforced by the Texas Parks &

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Online Gun Manuals

An alert reader sent this website, where you can view and download just about every gun manual at no cost (although the author does accept donations).

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3-D Shoot

Olive Mount Bowhunters, a chapter of Christian Bowhunters of America, announces its 8th annual 3-D shoot at the Y’s Men Farm, north of Carlisle, on March 31, April 1 and 2, 2006. Starting time: Friday, afternoon to dark; Saturday, 7

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