Month: June 2006

Ballistic Software

It’s summer time…groundhog time. And the need for ballistic software just increased ten-fold. Here is a list of PC based ballistic software with reviews for Barnes Ballistics for Windows, Sierra Infinity, RCBS.Load, PC Bullet for Windows, PointBlank, and Recoil Calculator.

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Women & Fishing

Apparently, Women fish too. But pink rubber boots? That might be going a little too far. UPDATE:  See this story too. (Thanks woodswoman!)

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At the Range…

Got to the range today, to dial in the 22-250 after screwing with the scope adjustments at the Groundhog Match. This is 100 yards, FIVE shots.  I know, you are thinking you only see three holes. Look at the back

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500m Groundhog

I visited Shippensburg Fish & Game today and shot in my first “Paper Groundhog” match against a friend of mine and a couple of other nice fellows. It was the first time my Tikka ever shot 500 meters; and it

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A New Look

See the link, we were/are ahead of our time on this new fashion trend: Taxidermy, long confined to log cabins, lodges and trophy rooms, is coming to life in some unusual places. Aiming to help homeowners who want to add

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Nice Turkey Gun

Turkey season for 2006 might be over, but I needed to share this photograph with my readers. The stock of shotgun was handcrafted by a fellow hunter I met in Potter County this season. He used auto body putty to

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Just Bait ’em

So that the deer management issue stays in the forefront, the PA Farm Bureau raised the ante, suggesting baiting deer should be legalized. The PGC’s Urban/Suburban Deer Management Program will be the catalyst. Read more here: The commission’s new strategy

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Free Fishing Derby

I’m sure there are plenty of these around the Commonwealth, but someone sent me a flyer for this one (If your club is holding one, please post a comment with the details). The Mechanicsburg-North Rotary Club is sponsoring a kid’s

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Fish For Free

One of two days set aside where no fishing license is required. Read more here.

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Woman’s Hunter Harassment Conviction Overturned

You can read the full opinion for yourself. A woman who had been cited for violating the hunter harassment law had her conviction overturned because the Commonwealth filed to establish any violation. Interestingly, the same woman, an attorney, has been

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