Month: April 2007

The Deer Debate Continues

This probably will never end… Check out the latest story about the deer management in Pennsylvania. According to Pennsylvania Game Commission figures, hunters last season bagged an estimated 361,560 deer, which was up two percent from the decade-low 354,390 they

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More Gun Control

This can’t be good news: There could be big changes coming for Pennsylvania gun owners. Some gun owners say House Bill 760, or the Firearm Registration Act is an assault on their Constitutional right to bear arms. Ben Russell explains

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Will Tragedy Bring Gun Control?

In light of the shootings that took place this morning at VA Tech, ABC news is conducting a poll on gun control. It is important that your opinion be reflected in this poll. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

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Coyote Attack in Our Backyard

A toddler was attacked by a coyote in New Jersey. This could be the sign of more confrontations with coyotes. Playing in the backyard of his home Friday with his 22-month-old nephew, 11-year-old Ryan Palludan thought the animal that bolted

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Christian 3D Archery Shoot

Mark your calendars for April 13-15, 2007. A Christian 3-D archery shoot, mid-afternoon to dark on Friday, 7 AM-dark on Saturday and 8 AM-2 PM. on Sunday, Y’s Men Farm, Stone Church and McClure’s Gap roads, north of Carlisle, sponsored

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Northwest Report

Dan reports from the Northwest of the Commonwealth…up there where they still have snow and bone-chilling weather. And I quote: “You probably saw the other deer photos, but here is another. Only 4 days until trout season and 2 1/2

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Cool Invention

This past Saturday was the early Trout Opening Day. Some genius figured out how to attract more kids to this sport. He took two concepts, fishing and rockets, and melded them together into the coolest fishing rod I have ever

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