Irene's .22 targetI finally got a chance to shoot a rifle at the range this weekend, my first time with real ammo. I had done some “virtual shooting” at last fall’s BOW workshop. The workshops were sponsored by the PGC, but now are threatened with extinction due to lack of funds, which is a shame. That workshop got me and about 100 other women excited about outdoor adventure, and the short course on firearms got me interested in trying it for real.

Lucky for me I have an experienced hunter friend who took me to the range and showed me the ropes. Here’s my target—not bad, huh?

5 Comments on “She-Ooter

  1. Nice shooting…are you ready to hunt?
    If not, try benchrest shooting…you will love it. Gene, another member of PA: Hunt. Fish. Shoot. can help you out!

  2. Dear Woodswoman,

    Nice shootin’ thar li’l darlin’ ! Them thar fellars better not get out of line with you !

    Now it’s time you donned some camo and go huntin’…

    But if all ya want to do is shoot when maybe I can take ya to the range ?

    Shoot straight,
    The Predator

  3. well hello there Predator… I might just have to take you up on that offer…

  4. hey woodswoman
    from looking at your target i think your a better shot then your so called hunting friend that took you to the range take care and see you in the woods

  5. Well, hunt1, I guess I’d better find a better shot to train me…

    By the way folks, for those of you interested:
    On May 7th a Women in the Outdoors event hosted by the National Wild
    Turkey Federation will be held at Cabela’s in Hamburg, PA. For more
    information on what the day will entail and to download the registration
    form, please visit our website at

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