A New Look

See the link, we were/are ahead of our time on this new fashion trend:

Taxidermy, long confined to log cabins, lodges and trophy rooms, is coming to life in some unusual places.
Aiming to help homeowners who want to add warmth to their modern and often-cold interiors, retailers and urban decorators are pushing an unusual solution: stuffed, dead animals. Over the past year, boutiques and high-end department stores have begun adding everything from $450 deer heads to $25,000 zebras. Taxidermy shops report they’re selling more pieces to people other than those who shot them. Many members of the new taxidermy class have never picked up a rifle, and are, in some cases, vegetarians.

Or we could just give up hunting altogether and go this route:

Last week while reading the Wall Street Journal over coffee, I came upon a rather strange article declaring that taxidermy was on the rise in New York. Or rather, people were buying dead, stuffed animals to decorate their apartments, so business was booming for taxidermists. One woman, a 45-year old ad executive, said that the pair of stuffed deer heads she hung in her apartment’s entryway gave “the apartment a feeling of warmth.”

…???? Uh yeah, right.

2 Comments on “A New Look

  1. Well, out here in the country, we like to decorate our dens with varmint mounts; city folks might be more comfortable stuffing their native species – vermin.

  2. Speaking of country living, does anyone have a good solution to an exploding groundhog population here on the farm?
    There must be thirty of the critters, and more relatives seem to be born or move in each week.

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