A Perfect Morning

2005 GobblerToday, Tuesday, May 17, 2005, was a perfect morning to be in the woods. I got to the secret spot well before day break. Put out the famed jake decoy and found a nice tree to sit next to.

Then I heard the sound…the gobbler was up on the roost, babbling his head off. I heard the same bird yesterday, but I was too far away. By the time it came off the roost yesterday, there were hens everywhere. A road separated us, and there was no way he was crossing that while he all the women turkey one could possible want. This time, I was closer. About 150 yards or so from his tree. We talked for about 30 minutes. He responded to almost every one of my calls. Seemed about the right time, so I made a lot of noise, as if I were coming out of the tree. I must have made the right noises, because the gobbler came down right after hearing me. Spring Gobbler He continued to gobble and I continued to woo him into the trap. The last 5 minutes, he was just out of site, over the crest of a hill, gobbling his head off. Some cuts, and purrs, and he crested the top.

Just as the experts tell you, he headed straight to my jake decoy…all puffed out. I saw the beard, took aim, and next thing you know I was enjoying a Macanudo and plucking feathers!

Weapon of choice: Mossberg 835 Turkey
Ammo: Remington Premier High Velocity Magnum Copper-Plated Turkey Loads, 12 gauge 2 oz., 5 shot
Location: A secret place in the South Mountain. That is WMU 5A for those not familiar. WMU 5A is traditionally the hardest place to bag a turkey.

Wild turkey populations in Pennsylvania are doing well and increasing, with the exception of populations in Adams, Franklin, Cumberland and York counties, now known as Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 5A. Since 1992, wild turkey harvests and hunter success in WMU 5A have typically been the state’s worst.

Next year, I will have to try it with a bow.

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3 Comments on “A Perfect Morning

  1. All it takes is one dumb turkey and you found him!! Why do I get all the smart ones?? Good hunt, Fuz.

  2. Good job! Congrats on your bird.
    Me, I’ll be a walking zombie by the end of May!

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