Alt II

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has selected a replacement for Gary Alt, the world famous deer management guru. Dr. Christopher Rosenberry has been named the new Pennsylvania Game Commission Deer Management Section Supervisor.

Since 2000, Rosenberry has been employed by the agency as a wildlife biometrician, and he has worked with the agency’s deer section for the past few years. He had worked extensively with whitetails in Delaware and Maryland before joining the Game Commission.

“Dr. Rosenberry is a great fit to guide Pennsylvania’s deer program,” DuBrock said. “He’s been offering input on and helping to measure the effects of the many changes that have been made to the deer program over the past several years. He is familiar with what the agency has been doing in deer management, knows our deer management history and understands the cultural and societal influences that have an impact on managing white-tailed deer.”

Having worked with the agency’s deer team for four years, Rosenberry said that he views his new role as a team leader, with an emphasis on “team.”

Same team, different leader.

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  1. Guess who pays his salary and guess the direction he is headed? Answer to first part is not “PGC” – its us, the taxpayers and hunters. Answer to the second part does not require a response. The agency sworn to protect the species, continues to ignore that mandate. This is certainly a sad state agency. Now lets see, we no longer have huntable numbers of pheasants or deer. What could be next?

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