Alt’s Revenge

Gary Alt, PGC recently retired deer guru, promises to become the Commission’s worse nightmare.

Check out this article in the bird lover’s July 2005 edition:

There’s only one way to protect yourself, your family, and native ecosystems from the most dangerous and destructive wild animal in North America, an animal responsible for maiming and killing hundreds of humans each year, an animal that wipes out whole forests along with most of their fauna. You have to kill it with guns.
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“I quit the commission because I could do more to solve this deer crisis by working on the outside. I promised the game commissioners that I would spend the rest of my career trying to change the system, that I would become their worst nightmare. That’s where I’m headed.”

Don’t go thinking that Audubon is going pro-hunting on you. But they do recognize the major problem of over population of white-tail deer.

Support deer hunting, even if you don’t like the idea. In the long run it’s the only humane solution and the only way to protect the native ecosystems that deer are part of and depend on. Urge your state legislators to introduce bills to procure public funding for your game and fish agency. Read the Audubon Pennsylvania and Habitat Alliance deer-management study at

Maybe Alt should start managing Pennsylvania’s bird population.

2 Comments on “Alt’s Revenge

  1. Can anyone refer me to a site in which independent studies have been conducted by qualified persons concerning alleged deer damage and stunted reforestation? I am trying to keep an open mind and would like to research the work of others on this subject. Thanks.

  2. No one needs a study done by “qualified people” to see how deer impact our forests. Find a fenced in area of forest ment to keep deer out and compare that area inside to the area outside.

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