Are There Ethical Sportsmen?

An alert reader sent the following questions:

Do you get appalled when you meet someone, or know of someone who kills more deer than legally permitted in a year, year after year? Are there any sportsmen who get upset when they learn that someone they know purchases licenses for various family members only to use those tags for themselves? Do you know of a person who thinks that it is absolutely okay to kill as many deer as he pleases because he is a small land owner and “the government isn’t going to tell me what to do on my 100 acres?” Do you get upset when you find out that their friend who has been killing a deer on the first day of buck season for many years has been doing it over bait or a salt block?

What I’ve found over the years, is that many people I’ve met, who appear to be fine, law abiding members of the community, are in fact no different than the stereotypical, redneck hillbilly who is perceived as killing as many deer as he pleases, and these people don’t think there is anything wrong with what they are doing. Where are the remaining sportsmen who get upset about what I’ve described, or are we simply a dying breed?

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  1. Dear Concerned, sounds to me like your not seeing many or any deer? Thank you PA. Game commision for that.. It is just as much actually more their fault things have got to this point. I will promise you one this for sure unless your city hunting the ones buying all those extra tags ect. they are giving the game comission lots of extra loot.. Hell I like the mentord hunting concept but it opens the door to just what you described above for free .. Keep on marching in your own parade and beat the drum to…

  2. Is there a difference between bending the rules and breaking laws?
    Hunting is like driving a car- everyone makes their own decsion on their perception of what’s acceptable. Is there a difference between outright slaughter and shooting a doe in a unit where you don’t have an antlerless tag?

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