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Lions Confirmed II

Here’s an update to the Lions Confirmed post… Lions Confirmed   And to this post: Phila’s Got Pumas From an alert reader in Lackawanna County: I have a paw print in the snow about two weeks ago in my front

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Cross Fork

Made our way up to Cross Fork to fish Kettle Creek, Cross Fork Creek, and several small mountain streams. Caught a lot of trout – Brown, Rainbow & Brook…some stocked, but a lot of native, stream bred trout! The weather

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Groundhog Day

Now that Spring Gobbler is over for 2010, it’s time to do some long range Woodchuck hunting. Groundhog Day, like the Bill Murray movie, will repeat all summer long until Archery Season. Time to get busy on the reloading bench,

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Memorial Day Fishing

Fished Clarks Creek Friday evening hoping to see the drake hatch. Wasn’t so lucky…the fish were active, but taking a white midge…too small for me to see, let alone fish! Fished a mountain stream Sunday morning. Caught a bunch of

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Matching the Hatch

Well, Billy did it again…he caught some bugs yesterday at one of our favorite fishing spots, and tied up some special Green Drakes! We had an awesome time fishing Sunday, May 23, 2010. Got to the stream at about 5PM,

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Opening Day 2010

Well, Opening Day finally arrived. I’m not one for crowds and I’m sure not one to hang with the fish-killers. So I made my way to sacred waters-the Letort. What a day! Fish rising, bugs coming off, and my daughter

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Mobile Updates

Testing new mobile update function…now we can post from the field or stream! Look for more updates…

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Independence Trout

Celebrated America’s birthday on Penns Creek…what a stream! Here’s Rick’s $50 photo! Steve, Rick and I got soaked in the afternoon. But we found our way into the only club up there…with no membership. Worked out nice.

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Key West 2009

Fishing was awesome… Here are some photos from the 2009 Key West Fishing Trip:

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Spring Gobbler

It’s almost time for Spring Gobbler!

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