Beat Cabin Fever

The perfect solution to cabin fever came to most of Pennsylvania last week in the form of snow.  This is probably the last snow of the year, so get out and take advantage of it.  Coyote hunt!
What better time could there be.  The temperatures are rising, and the visibility is great.  With the snow cover, you can track and see them ‘yotes much easier.

So, in an effort to cure the age-old cabin fever, PA: Hunt. Fish. Shoot. dot com is holding it’s own March Madness.  Send me you photos and stories of what you have done to recover from cabin fever.  We’ll post some of them here, and the winner will receive the 2007 bragging rights to our Cure Contest.

Just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. Fuzzie,

    February and March are good months to run hunting dogs. You can go to hunting preserves for pheasant, chukar, and quail. I like to run my dog and train on migrating woodcock in late Feb and March.

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