Cabela’s Wheeling, WV

So I am in Pittsburgh for business. So close to the Wheeling, West Virginia Cabela’s store, I just had to make the pilgrimage.

The directions were simple enough:

I-79 (From Pittsburgh)

1. Take I-79 South towards Washington, PA
2. Merge onto I-70 West towards Wheeling and go approximately 21 miles
3. Get off at Exit #10
4. Turn right onto Cabela Drive

Of course, I only saw 21 miles. Not bad. Except, it was 21 miles from the point where I-79 meets I-70. According to my handy GPS, it was 44 miles each way. Hey, this is Cabela’s; the mecca for hunters and fishers. I’m going.

Half way there, I realized I had forgot my new digital camera. What a downer. This is Cabela’s newest store. It was my first time visiting. And no camera.

As luck would have it, the no camera thing worked out just fine. Why? Because once inside the Wheeling store, it was like I was back home again, inside the Hamburg, PA store.

What a disappointment. I had no idea Cabela’s was your typical cookie-cutter store. At least I got one of those commemorative pennies for my son’s collection. And it beat spending any time in Dick’s Sporting Goods or Hecht’s.

OTC doesn’t shop here.

UPDATE: Thanks to woodswoman for pointing out this article didn’t post correctly in Internet Explorer. Firefox, the browser of choice, rendered it fine.

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