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Mobile Updates

Testing new mobile update function…now we can post from the field or stream! Look for more updates…

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Hunting & Fishing Rights

As we move closer and closer to socialism, look out hunting and fishing rights:

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Firearm Form

A good friend gave me a copy of this form that he used whenever he transferred a firearm. You might want to print out one for every firearm you own, fill it out, and keep for your records. If you

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Amen – SCOTUS Finds Gun Ban Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled June 26, 2008, that the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns was unconstitutional. The Court held the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a

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Bald Eagle

How cool is it to see these coming back! This nest is located very close to my house, in the heart of Central PA. We also saw an American Bald Eagle while fishing at a nearby lake…and the eagle was

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Treble Hook

We have a winner. Of all the stories submitted for the contest, this one wins hands down! Please enjoy this story submitted by an alert, inexperienced camper: It was the last summer before my twin daughters left to go to

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No Hunting

So this archery season has started, and I haven’t been in the woods. I haven’t even been in the woods scouting. I didn’t even buy a hunting license. Some sort of protest about the overkilling of the deer herd…no. Just

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Philly Wants More Gun Control

Here we go again. This time, City Council is suing the Commonwealth to allow the City to enforce its stricter gun laws. Read more here. Philadelphia City Council members Darrell L. Clarke and Donna Reed Miller, stonewalled by the Pennsylvania

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New OSHA Reg Would Close Firearm and Ammunition Industry

If you can’t ban guns, why not regulate the industry so heavily that no manufacturer could possibly survice. That is what the Department of Labor and OSHA are trying to do. Read this article. As written, the proposed rule would

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2nd Amendment

Is the 2nd Amendment an individual right? Or a collective right? Should international treaties include a right to bear arms? Read this law review article written by C. Joseph Schmidt and published by the William & Mary Bill of Rights

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