Commission Elects New Leader

Thomas E. Boop was elected president of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, after a three hour session January 24, 2006.

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In questioning after the meeting, Boop said he believes the commission needs “to listen probably more to our sportsmen. There’s a lot of feeling out there, right or wrong, that we haven’t done that.”

During his brief address Boop also said, “this is an election about leadership style. I offer a different leadership style. I offer a new perspective and a new view.

Interesting. I wonder what his views are on Sunday Hunting or merging with other agencies to save resources.

Stephen L. Mohr, who supported Boop, said, “Going into the situation we’re in right now, I’m favoring one candidate over the other. This year we’re going into a big battle.”

A big battle? Even more interesting. The Commissioners see their interaction with those they represent as a “Big Battle.” Don’t they work for us?

QUERY: Do you see your interaction with the PGC as a battle?

6 Comments on “Commission Elects New Leader

  1. Did you see that we can now hunt deer with spears? Why is the commission so quick to address such a non-issue, but won’t address Sunday hunting?

  2. Because the the state legislators hold control of Sunday hunting. Until the legislators move to make it legal to hunt on Sunday the PGC can not do a thing about it. It is entirely out of their hands.

  3. Placing the blame on the legislature is not exactly accurate. The PGC’s stance attempts to shift the blame:

    “The Game Commission has been using the following position statement when asked to comment on the issue of Sunday hunting: ‘The Pennsylvania Game Commission does not oppose legislation to legalize Sunday hunting. Our Board of Game Commissioners is split — some supporting and others opposing — on this issue, which reflects the current difference of opinion held by many in the General Assembly and the public at large. Over the years, the Game Commission has surveyed hunters on this issue. Traditionally, they have been split 50-50 but support seems to be increasing in recent years particularly among younger hunters. The whole issue of Sunday hunting is a matter that must be decided by the Legislature, landowners, hunters and citizens of the Commonwealth. If the legislation is enacted, the agency will seek to implement Sunday hunting when and where appropriate.'”

    Although at first blush this appears to be true, as 34 PA.C.S. Section 2303 prohibits Sunday hunting, except for foxes, coyotes, noncommercial lands (basically certain bird hunting, but only when no fee is charged–interesting in itself), the simple fact is the game laws come into being not by our actions as sprtsman, but by the efforts between the PGC and the General Assemby.

    Does anyone seriously doubt if the PGC wanted the Sunday hunting prohibition removed, the legislature would do so? The folks in Harrisburg lack any detail knowledge of this issue; they look to their governmental agency for answers. The PGC commission answer is clear: “Our Board of Game Commissioners is split.” When faced with a split, do you think there will be any action by our representatives?

    No way.

    Not until the PGC gets it’s Sunday ducks fully in line will the law be amended to allow that which should never have been prohibited.

    I have a new suggestion for the PGC when asked about Sunday hunting: “The PGC believes any restriction on hunting based on a day-of-week lacks any rational basis whatsover, and strongly urges the Pennsylvania General Assembly to repeal 34 Pa. C.S. Section 2303 in it’s entirety. Why Sunday? Why not Monday or Wednesday? The obvious answer is religious-based, and therefore runs afoul of our Constitution.”

  4. Fuz,
    Rep. Bruce Smith and the House Game & Fisheries committee hold all the cards on this one. He won’t bring it to a committee vote because he knows it would not go through. Every group is split on it, not just the PGC commissioners. Until a committee vote is cast in favor of Sunday hunting it will never hit the House floor.

  5. I don’t disaagree TPLank. I wonder: If we went out groundhogging on a Sunday, and were actually charged with a summary offense under this section, whether any conviction would withstand a constitutional challenge?

  6. If you pay the legal fees to PA Supremem Ct., I will support you (no, not with funds, with a 2″x4″).

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