Commission tries to oust President over deer issue

I told you this would never end….

Now the Game Commission has voted to remove President Thomas Boop for his stance on deer management.

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Pennsylvania game commissioners voted yesterday to remove Thomas Boop from his position as president, pending what other board members called a “trial.”

Boop, who has been critical of the Game Commission’s deer-management program, vowed to fight to keep the post.

Do you think this in-fighting will somehow make our hunting heritage stronger in Penn’s Woods?

I’m guessing no.

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  1. Tom Boop is indeed a moderate on the deer management issue, but the President still has but one vote. This is a power struggle. Last year, Commissioner Roxanne Palone made a strong bid to win election as President of the Commission, but in the end she did bow to Boop. If this action is successful, she will assume that post. She is a staunch supporter of herd reduction.

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