Coyote Hunt Results

Today ends the 15th Annual Statewide Coyote Hunt.

A good buddy of mine went deep into Penns Woods in serach of Wile E. Coyote. He hasn’t checked in yet, but when he does, I will post an pictrure of his trophy pelt.

As for how the rest of the hunters fared, check back often, I will post the statewide results as soon as they are available.

UPDATE: The results are in:

62 Coyotes taken
$4,406 Registered Hunters – $22,030 – Prize Money
$11,015.50 –divided between successful hunters
$11,015.50-divided between the top three:

1st – $5,507.50
2nd $3,304.50
3rd $2,203.50
Each successful hunter received $177.60
1st Place – Matthew Borger # 7 51.3 lbs.
2nd Place – Terry McBeth #20 47.6 lbs.
3rd Place – Kevin Shaw #5 43.1 lbs.

5 Comments on “Coyote Hunt Results

  1. I was wondering when the results of all the coyotes and hunters will be posted on the mosquito creek website…last year didn’t seem to take this long.
    Thank you

  2. When I go to the site that you have (, it says “TO BE POSTED”, and still has the 2005 results.
    Thank you

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