Coyotes and Rabbit Urine…Perfect Together

Pick up a copy of the Perry County Times. The June 9, 2005 edition has an article by Harry Boyer, “Silently comes the cunning coyote into central Pennsylvania.”

I couldn’t find a link to this but here is a summary:
Many claim there are no coyotes in Perry County. Harry writes this couldn’t be farther from the truth. He has heard a dozen calling on just one morning. He son has experienced it also.

Although most use the calling method to hunt coyotes, Harry points out the recommendation of Barry Swenson: use rabbit urine with a rabbit squeal for effective coyote hunting. You aren’t allowed to use decoys, but you can use rabbit urine. Hunt from a tree stand to help with your scent because once a coyote smells you instead of the rabbit, it will flee.

He uses a shotgun, with No. 4 shot. And he keeps his rabbit urine in a Thermos to keep it warm.

That might sound a little overboard…but he kills around 100 coyotes a year.

“Honey, where do we keep the Thermos?”

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