Deer Problem Solved

Hunters finally figured out how to solve the deer problems in Pennsylvania. Buy a license to fund the Game Commission, and then tear it up so it can’t be used. Better yet, tear up a doe license, so now you have not only saved the deer from this year, but potentially the offspring of that deer (or at least those offspring will have a chance at surviving).

That is exactly what a group did this past weekend:

It wasn’t as dramatic as, say, people burning their draft cards during the Vietnam War, but the 50 or so hunters who threw away their doe licenses during a demonstration this weekend were sending a political message all the same.

50! Looks like the deer are now safe.

Game Commission spokesman Jerry Feaser has said the agency used scientific evidence in its deer management decisions, and questioned the claim that the total population has dropped by 50 percent in five years.

That is an interesting claim: scientific evidence. A guess is more like it. Until Pennsylvania adopts mandatory report, much like the DMAP program, no one will ever know how many deer are harvested each season.

3 Comments on “Deer Problem Solved

  1. You stupid idiots… THE DEER ARE OVER POPULATED by not killing them your not saving them you are dooming them to starvationa nd a slow painful death i hope you realize the wrongness of your “Brilliant” idea before you ruin the whole bloody species

  2. I’m a logger living in northeast Pa. and I work in southeast pa. Where I work I see plenty of regeneration but where I live I see nothing.We have a deer problem here.

  3. Kevin,
    Can you tell me where to hunt in 5D? I bought a tag and when I called the game commission in Southeast the guy laughed at me for buying the tag. His exact words were “We have tons of deer in the southeast but we have tons of animal rights people.” If you find a spot to hunt let me know I would like to hunt it also.

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