Duck Time

DucksI know absolutely nothing about ducks or duck season. A good friend took this photo of ducks along the creek in their backyard.

I know one of our readers is a duck hunter. Maybe he can identify these ducks and explain the seasons for the benefit of everyone else.

Even though I don’t hunt them, it sure would be nice to live in a place where you see wildlife like this from your backyard.

2 Comments on “Duck Time

  1. I think those must be some kind of hybrid domestics??? They sure is UGLY!

  2. You are so right…one of my readers sent me a private email instead of posting a comment…he said they were farm ducks.
    His quote was: “They are a cross between muscovey duck (you can buy these at the farmer’s market) and another – I believe the black part of it is called an andover duck. (Not certain that is the correct name). But both mixes are domestic stock. PLEASE DON’T SHOOT THE FARMER’S DUCKS!!!!

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