Eight Isn’t Enough

Eight: the current number of game commissioners.  But that isn’t enough.  What happens in case there is a tie?  Nothing.  Some would suggest that is the perfect result for a government agency.  If more can’t agree on what should happen, then don’t let them act at all.

Nine: the proposed number in game commissioners.  See this pending bill.

With nine, there would never be any ties.  All of our problems would be solved.

If the eight don’t listen to hunters now, what makes anyone believe adding one more is going to change that.

Hunter:  Hey game commission, listen up, we want …. (fill in the blank, but please include removing the Sunday hunting restriction).

Nine Game Commissioners: What?  We don’t hear you.

Non-Hunter: Please reduce the deer herd as much as possible.

Nine Game Commmissioners: Sure, no problem.  Can we do anything else for you?

Sorry, eight is enough.  If the eight commissioners can’t do what is right, replace them.

What I don’t get is the proposed qualifications.  Only the ninth new commissioner needs to have had a hunting or trapping license for the last ten years.  Why aren’t the current commissioners required to be hunters?  Nevermind, I think I know.

2 Comments on “Eight Isn’t Enough

  1. Fuzz,
    How many times to do we have to tell ya? Sunday hunting is controlled by the legislature. The same people that want 9 commissioners. PGC has no power over Sunday hunting until the legislature gives it to them.

  2. Of course, commissioners should not be apointed on the basis of their political persuasion; they should be elected by sportsmen and sportswomen of the Commonwealth. I suggest you read Greg Levengood’s related commentary on page 3 of the 5/12/06 edition of PA Outdoor News; or at http://www.paoutdoornews.com

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