Everett’s First Buck

Everett's 1st BuckI was there when Everett shot his first deer; a large doe at 225 yards at the Boyington Plantation. Nice shot. The story was even better. We had been hunting the plantatiopn hard that year–without success. Everett posited that we were spooking the deer as we drove in at oh-dark-thirty every morning, pushing the deer we knew were there over the ridge. It was the last day, and he suggested parking the Fuzziemobile at the drive entrance and hoofing it to our spots. His idea…we did it, and at first light I heard the crack of his rifle. One shot, and he was a hunter.

This year, Everett took his first buck…unfortunately, I wasn’t there, but he sent this photo as proof.

Did you find your mark this year? If so, send me a photo, and I will post it here. Please include a story to go along with it — truth or fiction.

Nice job, Brother Everett.

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