Favorite Fishing Cigar

It’s getting closer to trout season. I know it is! I can feel it.

In order to prepare properly, one has to pick out the right equipment. The focus today is on the right cigar.

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Cigars Are Not A Safe Alternative To Cigarettes.

If you don’t smoke cigars, that’s okay. You can stop reading now. It’s our website, and we do…until it is outlawed in every public place.

Lately, I have found the Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park to be among my favorites. Although a little salty for the risk of dropping a newly lit gem into a spring creek when the monster hits. But I like the risk; besides, landing the monster makes you forget the cigar.

The shop I visit sells an unbranded Honduras Vijante, that is easily a 2 1/2 hour smoke. Great for those long afternoons on the water.

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  1. Trout are hitting just about everything I flip at them on my creek in Dickinson Township-a limestone spring fed fast flowing but fairly shallow stream. I like it best by the Humpback-a favorite spot for locals who know the creek bed and where the trout like to pool. Catch and release only of course. As to those humongo ‘gars—I lent my best climbing tree stand to a favorite good ‘ole boy—sure hope he returns the stand with a few of those fancy named ceegars.

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