First Fishes

Place: Carlisle Fish & Game
Date: Monday, May 9, 2005
Time: Evening
Bait: Mom’s homemade macaroni & cheese
Fish: Sunfish

Coop\'s 1st FishIt was truly an experience…the boys were excited about going fishing, about actually fishing, about making as much noise as possible, and about wrestling on the banks of the pond. We walked by some teenagers trying to catch some fish and the expression on their faces showed their results had been poor. They did not hang around long. As soon as Coop caught his first fish, those kids disappeared in shame.

Coop caught a second fish before Cole even had a bite. Then it was over for the Coop. He was ready to either sit down or play hard.

Cole\'s 1st FishCole kept the fishing spirit alive – somewhat. He was confused about whether he should be fishing or running around chasing his brother. So he did what any confused kid would do; he tried both. With some help from Dad, he succeeded and landed his first fish. As the photo shows, it was getting late, and Mom was sure to be waiting anxiously to get them cleaned up and in bed, so we packed up and promised to come back soon to catch the rest of the fish.

Of course, they practiced catch-and-released, so the only casualty of the evening was the leather hackysack Cole toss into a groundhog hole. I can just imagine Punxsutawney Phil waking up this morning and giving his little ones this new ball to play with. They are probably still kicking it around. In a month or so, we’ll get them back. Turkey season will be over and it will be time to do some ground hogging.

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  1. It appears the kids’ fishing prowess has paid off…they have been invited to compete in a World Cup Fishing Derby at Mt. Holly Fish & Game on May 21, 2005, from 7am – noon (12 & under).

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