First Gasoline, Now Hunting Licenses

With the recent devastation of the Gulf Coast and the ongoing war in the Middle East, gasoline prices have skyrocketed. Now we are about to be gouged by our legislature with higher hunting license fees.


HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners today unanimously approved a resolution, offered by Game Commissioner Russell E. Schleiden, that urges both the House and Senate to take immediate action to address the financial needs of the Pennsylvania Game Commission on behalf of the Commonwealth’s wildlife resources, citizens and rich hunting and trapping heritage.

“Hunting license fees have been increased only twice in the past 25 years,” Schleiden said. “The last license fee increase took effect on July 1, 1999. Since that time, the cost of doing business has increased significantly for everyone, including the Game Commission.

“Hunting licenses remain the primary source of funding for support of Pennsylvania’s wildlife management programs, and the last fee increase was only enough to offset the then-current budget deficit, but not enough to allow for building the Game Fund reserve or for expanding services or programs.”

Schleiden noted that the Game Commission has maintained expenditures at or near zero growth for the past four years, while also being forced to reduce programs and services to hunters, trappers and the general public.

“Game Commission staff has produced for various legislative committees detailed and ongoing financial reports to support both past expenditures and the need for new and additional revenues for future programs and services,” Schleiden said. “A coalition of sportsmen and conservation organizations unanimously support increased funding for the Game Commission.”

What hunting group supported this? The “we like paying more so you can continue to waste our money under the guise of game management” club? Not me.

I thought license sales were in decline.

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