Fish Kills Angler

I can see the lawsuit coming now.
Read this:

BERLIN (Reuters) – A fish caught in an east German lake near the Polish border not only got off the hook but also lured a 46-year-old fisherman to his death, police in the eastern town of Eisenhuettenstadt said Tuesday.

A police spokeswoman said the fish pulled the fishing rod out of the man’s hands and dragged it about 100 metres away from shore at the Kleinen Pohlitzer lake near Eisenhuettenstadt. The man took off his clothes and swam after the pole.

An eyewitness said the man reached the rod floating on the surface but then suddenly stopped moving. The witness, 54, swam out to help him and pulled the fisherman back to shore, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

“I know it sounds like an incredible story but it really happened,” an Eisenhuettenstadt police spokeswoman said. “It was apparently just an ordinary fish.”

Decedent was minding his own business when Defendant Fish stole his lure and with said lure, dragged his rod into the dangerous condition (lake). Defendant Fish refused to help Decedent Angler when it became apparent Decedent Angler was not capable of returning to shore safely. Defendant Fish’s theft was the proximate cause of Decedent Angler’s untimely demise.

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