Forget Deer Hunting

Want a challenge?  Feel the need to hunt something you don’t normally see in Penns Woods?  Try Wallaby.  Seems one is on the loose near the City.  Check out this story:

Wallabies, which look very similar to kangaroos, are native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. It’s unclear how one ended up about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

The animal might have been bought on the Internet as a pet, said humane society officer Dylan Heckart.

The [Berks County Humane Society] received its first report of a wallaby sighting on Monday from a man who had seen the animal in his backyard over the weekend, Heckart said.

Members of the public are being advised to keep their distance if they spot the animal.

“They’re violent when confined or restrained,” Heckart said Tuesday, noting wallabies’ powerful kicking legs. “They can definitely injure a human being badly.”

The Lehigh Valley Zoo, about 20 miles away in Schnecksville, said it was not missing a wallaby.

So, would you hunt one?  Is it legal to hunt wallaby?  Can you do it on Sunday?  Can you hunt at night?  With a laser sight?  Bait?  So many questions, yet only one Roo.

2 Comments on “Forget Deer Hunting

  1. good post, if a kangaroo or wallaby or whatever the hell comes by, make sure you have a big net with you at all times

  2. Bring em on. Maybe we can breed them with whitetails. Have to hunt from pogo sticks, not treestands. Hope they don’t eat up the forests.

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