Going, Going, Gone…

12 WMU units have sold out of doe tags.


HARRISBURG – A total of 12 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) have exhausted their supply of antlerless deer licenses as of today, according to Vern Ross, Game Commission Executive Director. As of today, hunters have claimed all of the antlerless deer licenses originally allocated in WMUs 1A, 1B, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 3A, 3C, 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D.

Of the 879,000 antlerless licenses originally allocated, 173,789 licenses remain. Following is a listing of the antlerless deer licenses remaining by Wildlife Management Unit as of 2:49 p.m. today, Aug. 25 (along with the initial allocation for each WMU):

WMU 1A, CLOSED (40,000);

WMU 1B, CLOSED (27,000);

WMU 2A, 20,158 (55,000);

WMU 2B, 52,592 (68,000);

WMU 2C, 2,023 (53,000);

WMU 2D, CLOSED (56,000);

WMU 2E, CLOSED (21,000);

WMU 2F, CLOSED (30,000);

WMU 2G, CLOSED (29,000);

WMU 3A, CLOSED (27,000);

WMU 3B, 1,156 (41,000);

WMU 3C, CLOSED (32,000);

WMU 3D, 1,389 (38,000);

WMU 4A, CLOSED (35,000);

WMU 4B, CLOSED (35,000);

WMU 4C, CLOSED (39,000);

WMU 4D, CLOSED (40,000);

WMU 4E, 8,465 (38,000);

WMU 5A, 15,092 (28,000);

WMU 5B, 16,679 (56,000);

WMU 5C, 39,424 (71,000); and

WMU 5D, 16,800 (20,000).

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