Good Gun Guy Gets Bum Rap

A local gun shop helps the feds trap some felons.  You might think some kuddos are in store.  Not for Tanner’s Sport Center in Jamison, PA.  Instead, they got featured as a shady dealer on the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence website.  (No link provided intentionally.)
Check out this story:

A local newspaper ran the news from the Brady report on the front page.

“The phones started ringing off the hook,” Tanner says. Some customers were outraged and threatened never to do business with the place again. Others called to say they couldn’t believe it was true.

Thankfully, the truth has come out, and hopefully Tanner’s will receive the recognition they deserve.  So, if you get a chance, and are in the neighborhood, stop by and say a quick hello to Ray at Tanner’s.  Here are the directions.

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