Gun Show Loophole

Most complain that gun shows are an easy place to avoid proper firearm transfer procedure. Some even want them outlawed. They cite the famed “gun show loophole” as proof these shows need to be shut down.

Well, here is some ammunition for that fire:

MONROEVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A visitor to a gun show was shot in the shin by a gun that was supposed to be unloaded, authorities said.

How can this happen?

The gun was displayed by Hannah’s Gun Shop of Tipton, Blair County, police said. A phone number for the shop could not be located.

Richard Vensel, president of the Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association, also wants to know why the gun was loaded. Gun show vendors must sign a pledge stating that their guns are unloaded, he said.

So much for pledges.

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  1. only a moron pulls a trigger without looking in the chamber.
    YOU CAN NOT legislate intelligence.

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