High Tech Gear Killing History

We all use them. Or we all would use them if we could afford them. GPS handheld units. Great for finding that hunting spot in the dark from a new route when the wind is not right for the usual path. Even better for out on that big lake, when you want to fish that great spot you found last time out.

They are one of the best electronic devices for the outdoors. Killing History

But are they killing history? This article suggests this advancement in technology is leading to the closing of lighthouses. Make sense. With accuracy to 4 meters depending on your location and unit, using a lighthouse to guilde you ship just seems silly. It would compare to trying to shoot a sub 1/2″ group with a flintlock muzzleloader, with open sights. Sure, someone can do this. But just about everyone can shoot well with the latest Tikka rifle fitted with a Leupold scope, sitting on a concrete bench, with the latest rest.

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  1. fuzzie, great graphics… This one is brilliant, as is the SEPTA bus in the deer-moving post.

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