Hunting Host gets $16 Million Signing Bonus*

Keith Warren, the host of Hunting and Outdoor Adventures has just received the largest signing bonus ever paid in Outdoor Channel‘s history. The channel and Warren came to terms just hours before he would have become a free agent. The details were not completely available, but sources put the bonus at $16 million.

This is something you just don’t see in the hunting world. Our stars get paid, sure. But they don’t need a huge kicker just to sign up. Fast forward to the land of make believe.

A week of tough negotiations, including several tenuous moments Tuesday night when the deal nearly fell apart, has concluded in the Washington Redskins reaching a contract extension agreement with left offensive tackle Chris Samuels.

The five-year veteran, who has been a starter since his rookie season, agreed late Tuesday to a new seven-year contract worth $46.5 million. It includes a $15.75 million signing bonus, the largest in franchise history, and total guarantees of $19 million. Samuels will earn about $23 million in the first three years of the contract.

For a tackle? Give me a break. Makes me sick. You can read the rest here. Get the puke bucket ready.

*for those who take life a little too seriously, this is meant as humor.

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