Interfering With the Hunt

Four hunt opponents arrested December 7, 2005

VERNON, N.J. (AP) _ Four opponents of the ongoing bear hunt in New Jersey were arrested Wednesday, charged with interfering with hunters under the state’s hunter harassment laws, officials said.

Hunter harassment laws. Just what exactly is that? And who would harass a person armed with a high power rifle?

“From what I understand, the hunters were walking down a path and the anti-hunt activists got in their way and refused to move. They had a video recorder and they were verbally abusing the hunters. The hunters requested that they step aside and please let them go on and they didn’t.” … A day earlier, the same two hunters _ while in “close proximity” to the activists _ had gutted a bear after killing it, leaving its heart behind in the snow, according to Smith.

Leave it to hunters to actually field dress game that they harvest. Imagine that.

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