License Sales Way Down

According to this article, hunting license sales are down nearly 40%.

More recent news puts that number between 5 – 10%.  Coupled with last years 10% drop, that means license sales over a two year period have dropped 20%.

Comparing the August 2006 sales report to August 2005, hunting license sales revenue is down 10 percent, off $1,954,521.

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“This is pretty significant – if this trend continues we are approaching a 20 percent decrease in hunting license sales in three years,” [Greg Levengood, chairman of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania] said. “The deer issue is the primary driving force – the deer herd is way down compared to the way it was, and it’s no coincidence that license sales are way down.

Can you see a merger with Fish & Boat and DNCR on the horizon?

4 Comments on “License Sales Way Down

  1. Are sales down 40% to date or are they comparing current (September’06) sales with ’05-06 year end sales? Many licenses are sold between November and spring turkey season.

  2. Sales are down because pennsylvania hunters are tired of the ridiculous hunting regulations. How can you count the points on a deer as it is running, or even have enough time to count as they casually pass through. I hated the fact that i could only kill a buck with a certain amount of points. I have recently moved to virginia and i killed my first buck here, it was a button buck but i didnt have to worry about how many points it was as i saw it running in the woods.

  3. Why continue to pay for the game commisions existence when their policies for deer management have ruined the tradition of deer hunting in OUR state! First time in 20 years our group of guys (11) didn’t get at least 1 buck, matter of fact DIDN’T EVEN SEE a BUCK legal or NOT.

  4. If you don’t take the time to count antler points, do you even bother to take time to aim? It says something when people
    complain about rules that impose self-restraint on their part.

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