Lions Confirmed II

Here’s an update to the Lions Confirmed post…

Lions Confirmed


And to this post:

Phila’s Got Pumas

From an alert reader in Lackawanna County:

I have a paw print in the snow about two weeks ago in my front yard. My neighbor across the street as a partial video from a trail camera of what looks to be a mountain lion.

My son took a photo of the print in the snow in our front yard. I wished I video taped as there were more. They ended with two facing the road. It must have jumped the wall in front of my home onto or over Route 407. (Lackawanna County) I did not cross the road to see if they continued on the other side. That was on 1/19/18. I assumed it was a bear track which is fairly common on my property. Then I saw my neighbors posting of the video on Facebook taken on Jan 24th. I looked at my son’s photo again and looked up Mt lion print. My neighbor still hasn’t measured the shoulder height of the Feline against the tree. I have over the last 5 years talked with two other neighbors within 3 miles of my house claiming sightings. Here’s the video from the Facebook.

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  1. We live in Dallas Pa near Goodleigh Farms.
    I have been hunting fishing for 40 years.
    We know the difference between a Pussy cat Bob Cat Cougar cat and June 28 2018 saw a beautiful one right behind our apple tree. about 2.5 Tail champagne fur the small head ears, used my Bi Nocks to confirm what we saw.

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