Lions Confirmed

PA Mountain LionYou read it here first: Mountain lions still exist in Pennsylvania:

Just prior to the start of Pennsylvania’s two-week firearms deer season, the volunteers at the Eastern Puma Research Network put out a call to hunters. They wanted to hear from anyone who saw a mountain lion or signs of one, like tracks or scats.

Lion sightings they got. Hard evidence that wild, free-ranging mountain lions are living in the state they did not.

“It’s so hard to pin anything down,” said John Lutz, the West Virginia man who heads the network, a non-scientific affiliation of mountain lion seekers across the eastern United States. “A cougar or puma is like a UFO with four feet.”

That doesn’t stop some from believing mountain lions do exist in the East. Lutz and several other volunteers are planning to travel to Bedford County within a few days of the next snowfall, in fact, to look for cougar sign because several sightings have been reported there in recent months.

Remember this post from February 28, 2005″

An Amish farmer along 944 in Cumberland County complained to the PGC a mountain lion was killing his sheep. They came out and investigated. Their conclusion: “Sir, you don’t have a mountain lion.” A week later the farmer shot the mountain lion. The very sad news: there was a PGC ear tag on it.

Or this one from Valentine’s Day last:

One solution [to the loss of ginseng] that [this complete “nut” ] believes will ensure the herb’s survival is to reintroduce mountain lions, wolves or other natural predators to the Appalachians.


UPDATE:  Check out this photo!

UPDATE: An alert reader took this photo late September, 2008, from his trail camera near Plummer, PA.

UPDATE: An alert reader sent this photo of a mountain lion taken about three weeks ago (September 2009) near Farmington, Pa, in Fayette County. It had recently killed a buck and was dragging it across the road.
UPDATE: Well, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet…turns out this was not in PA:

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  1. Ouch that was harsh. Mt.Lions pumas big cats ect ect who cares, Why would you hunt something and kill it if you wont eat it, Now thats not sportsmanship thats just killing.
    The only thing I would ever wanna shoot any big cat with is a camera or video.
    But thats my stance not everyone elses so forgive me for expressing my veiws when not asked for.
    I personlly hve nevver seen a big cat in PA but common sense tells me if there in all the other states well than theres bound to be at least on or two here in PA I meen why would we be so specail that a big cat would choose NOT to live herte huh ??

  2. An alert reader sent this message:

    I was wondering if you ever heard of anyone in Schuylkill County seeing a cougar or Mt. Lion? This afternoon [2/6/2008] in my back yard, my fiance and I both saw one, it ran right across my back yard and straight up through my neighbors field. It ran really fast, was tanish orange in color and had a long tail. I am curious if anyone else saw it! It was not a dog or a bob cat, I know what I saw!!!

  3. I have seen several cougars in Schuylkill and Carbon Counties. Most of my sightings have been along Rt 209
    near Nesquehoning, Coaldale and near Middleport. I have heard of many black panther sightings in Coaldale and New Ringgold. There are also reports of cougar sightings in the Lewistown Valley. Its sad to say but most people you tell
    will think your crazy. Their minds are made up and no matter what you tell them you will be wrong. I know they are
    being scientific they need proof. I have just one question for you scientific skeptics. What proof do you have that
    the Eastern Cougar is extinct? I’m guessing you do not have any. Do you honestly think we could ever wipe out a master of stealth like the cougar? I very much doubt we would be able to wipe them out even in todays times with the aid of nightvision scopes. Think about it there is alot of woodlands in Pennsylvania. How did they accomplish such an amazing
    feat back in the late 1800’s. I have another question for the skeptics. If you saw a cougar do you think you would be intelligent enough to know? What I’m getting at is cougars are pretty recognizable animals. Who hasn’t seen an image of a cougar? When you see one you know it. Unfortunately most sightings happen so quick that even if you had a camera in
    hand you probably would not get the camera turned on before it was over. As far as trail cameras I’m dissapointed that most have atleast a one minute delay before they take a picture. One of my solutions is 24hr surveilance I have night vision cameras and a dvr. All I need is to set it up at the right place at the right time. I would appreicate anyone
    that takes the time to report any cougar sightings no matter how long ago they took place. I live near the Carbon/Schulkill County line so if you live nearby I would like to start investigating immediately. Most cougars will never attack a person there is not much reason to fear them. They are very skittish and afraid of people and they should
    be after all we tried to wipe them out. My belief is that most people will have been in the prescence of a wild cougar
    at some point during their lifetime. I also believe 95% or more will never know it. Like I said any help would be
    appreciated. I can be reached at

    Just my personal opinions based on my observations and the observations of other credible witnesses of wild cougars in the state of Pennsylvania.

  4. My family has heard and saw a big brown & tan cat behind our house. We are scared to death because of the children. Who can we contact? No one I talked to will listen. Someone please help it”s been here and gone for the pass year.

  5. An alert reader sent this:
    There was a bulletin put out in my community about a mountain lion sighting in Canadensis, PA. Sure enough a few days later, my father-in-law was driving down one of the main roads and saw it crossing the road going towards the creek. Just wanted to verify that there are lions here in PA.

  6. Another alert reader sent this:

    I am totally new to the mountain lion “do they/don’t they exist in PA” discussion. But I must say, after my sister’s finding this morning, I’m a believer that they DO exist. While tending the horses & other animals, she noticed our Barbado sheep, Emma, not in her pen. She spotted a blood trail along side the barn, called the PA State Police and together they followed the blood trail to her body, tore to shreds. Mountain lion tracks all around her. People of Big Run (just outside Lykens, PA) keep a lookout!

  7. UPDATE: An alert reader took this photo late September, 2008, from his trail camera near Plummer, PA.

  8. The picture attached to this thread is of a bobcat. can’t believe all you outdoorsmen think otherwise. look at the ears and the bob tail

  9. Why don’t one of you people who see these Mountain Loins Shoot it?
    Then take it down to the Game Commission office and drop it on their desk, see if they still deny it is a Mountain Lion then. Even better would be to take it to the local news station and get it on the air first then take it to the Game Commission, that way they couldn’t quietly dismiss it as being something other than what it is. While destroying the evidence as well.

  10. I believe I saw a Mountain Lion in late summer of 2006 in Luzerne County, near Hanover Township. I was walking to my brother’s house through the woods and the path I was on intersected another path. I got to the intersection and I glanced down the other path. I saw a HUGE cat with a long tail. At first it didn’t register and I continued walking. A few steps later what I just saw hit me and I looked back. It was standing there staring at me. I stared back for over a minute. Maybe two. Finally it turned away and continued walking down the path. It never growled or made any threatening moves. I didn’t know about this discussion before today. I always assumed they were native to the area.

  11. In response to Zermoid comments, if U took a dead cougar to a local PGC Office, they probably would quietly remove it & deny it was ever dropped it on their doorstep. look at what the PGC did in Lancaster recently when a Amish Farmer was attacked by a cougar. To save face, the agency declared the event a “hoax”. Just another example of “burying your head in the sand” to save face.
    If someone ever finds a dead cougar in Pennsylvania, where they do exist, the body should be taken to the Harrisburg Office of the Patriot Newspaper or The Lancaster Era in that city & shown to a news reporter. Being objective, they would surely publish an article and document the cougar’s presence. Multiple hot-spots of activity are very active in PA, where Special Field Studies are underway. We ask anyone with knowledge of recent cougar activity, please contact so further investigations can begin. Thank you.

  12. OK all you nay sayers. Log on to and watch the video on someones trail camera of a black panther roaming aroung at McConnell’s Mills State Park in Butler or Lawrence county.Good footage. Of course the Game Commission want to “examine it”. I’m sure they will say it’s someones house cat, blah, blah, blah, and call the guy a liar.Take a look for yourself, look at that tail. The guy thought he was watching a black bear on video until he saw the tail. Tell us again….How rare is it to see a BLACK one? cause about ten years back, a local truck drivers swears he saw one in Arnmstrong County at a strip mine

  13. I live in Albrightsville, Carbon County, and last summer there were 3 sightings of a mountain lion in our development. Warnings were posted after the third sighting and it was confirmed that this was not a hoax. The PGC will always deny that the big cats are here because they would lose face on another front just as they mismanage our deer population.

  14. The cat photo up top is a bobcat. The white thumb prints are visible on the ear. There will be a lecture about cougars at the CCEEC at Mauch Chunk Dam west of Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, PA on December 10 @ 6pm.

    There may well be cougars in PA, but as yet, no one has turned in any solid evidence. This is what the Cougar Network is saying.

  15. My parents have seen a female and 2 cubs in ther back yard the end of Aug. I was up there hunting first 2 days of deer and we saw 6 black bears. I had talk to my mother this evening and stated they saw one mountain lion in the back yard lieing down under the tree.

  16. In the spring of 2006 my daughter and I saw a mountain lion running across our front lawn carrying one of our laying hens in its mouth. I took off after it and yelled, it completely ignored me, then ran into a nearby woods. There was a distance of about 40 ft. and I had a clear vison of what I saw. A neighbor saw what she described an unusual looking large animal a few days later. When I showed her a picture of a mountain lion she said that’s what it was. We live near Spring Grove PA in southwestern York County. The area is rural and there is a heavily wooded area known as the Pigeon Hills nearby that would provide plenty of habitat for a mountain lion. Some people have tried to convince me it was a fox, big dog, etc. With the pointed ears, long tail and slender body there is no doubt it was a mountain lion.

  17. In 1976 both my father and I saw big cat tracks with a tail drag in the snow, which was nearly up to my rear end. I was six years old.

    This was in McKean County in a place called Irons Mountian. Today that area is controlled by a paper company that limits hunting there. Its a vast area on a plateau that one can easily get lost in without a compass.

    Another camp member saw a cougar between Smethport and Port Allegheny.

    These cats exist. If you use regular house cats as an example, how many of them do you really see walking around your neighborhood? There are hundreds of them in the urban areas yet they remain largely out of sight.

    Secondly, the bobcat is in PA, Ohio, NY, WV, and they are just as elusive. Your lucky to see one in a lifetime.

    Thirdly, these animals, like bears, are largely confined to remote areas, however, a population could be a problem. For example, Los Angeles has them practically in the metropolitian area. And lets not forget how coyotes have populated urban areas. And bears are known to encroach on human settlements these days. Its just a matter of time. Theres too much forest and places to hide. Cats are smart. They can be right next to you and you would never know it.

  18. My name is brenton i live in elk county. I’ve seen two mountain lions at once. You can believe me or not but i thought i would share my story. I went for a walk out behind my house in 2006. I had my 30-30 with me and sat down for a little bit to watch the woods. Then i herd something running threw the woods. what it sounded like was a a car driving threw the woods, the sound branches breaking was something I’ve never herd. Then to the lefted of me a deer was running full speed and following it was a something huge that looked like a cat. I stood up and was about to start heading home when a small mountain lion walked up to me. It was the size of a big bobcat but the tall was too long. It walked 10 yards a way and stood looking at me. I pulled my gun on him and was about to shoot but i stopped. I knew what this cat was, and the huge cat like animal i saw chasing the deer had to be one too, the mom even. I scared it away and ran home. This was the mosted scared ive ever been in the woods. But it was the best in the way. I was not the only one where i live to see signs or even the mountain lions. The Game commission will say other wise but i no there out there.

  19. After reading all of these comments, I know I am not crazy!!! I was on my way to work on Friday morning, 4/3/09, headed south bound on PA route 60 a few miles before New Castle. It was raining… and I was going about 70/mph. I was 2 miles before the Mitchell Rd. exit when I seen a grey Grand Am pulled over on the side of the road. About 50 yards in front of the car was a dead animal. At first I though it was another deer, but as I drove past it, it was way too big to be a deer. It had the face of a cat and the legs and paws were very big. I was running late for work and didnt have time to stop or turn around. My boyfriend is a nature expert and says that I am crazy and that it was probably a dog… he took the same route to New Castle a few hours later and he said he did not see anything. I know what I saw!! It was definetaly a cougar/mountian lion. I suspect that either the car I saw was the one that hit it, and backed up to make sure it was dead or they were driving by and spotted it as well and stopped to get a better look. If anyone knows or have heard about what I am talking about, please let me know.

  20. Yes! You are NOT crazy! My boyfriend and I went out spotting for deer last night and sure enough, in a wide open field (by Round Top mountain), he blinked the spotlight on to what we thought was a deer! I looked through my binoculars only to find it was a mountain lion! It was fairly large, as big as a deer with a long tail. (so it wasn’t a bobcat, as bobcats have short tails!) He also looked at it through the binoculars and saw the same thing. We watched it walk into the woods. It had the sleek, predator walk. No question about it, it was a mountain lion.

  21. I live in Clinton County. I saw my first mountain lion aboutn 15 years ago and yesterday I saw my second one. The first one I was with a group of 10 people and WE ALL SAW IT!! Yesterday I was with my family and it walked across the road right in front of us.

    Friends of mine have been seeing Mountain lions here and there latey so they must be on the rise. I know what a Bobcat is I have seen my share of them and what I have seen are mountain lions.

    The PA Game Commision must get trained to lie about the subject. Do you guys remember how much they denied the existance of Coyote’s in PA….. I mean they swore up and down there were none.. Now there is open season on Coyote’s.

    Moral of the story is Yes there are mountains cats in PA and yes the PA Game Commision will lie about them.

  22. ya boys no what the real kicker is? the jerks are truckn them in by the tractor trailer loads. they even been pulled over on centre hall mtn. but was left go cause the game comission showed up.

  23. At approximately 0300 hours this morning, July 28, 2009, in the residential area of the East Side of Dubois, I was loading my car with luggage. I heard clatter coming from down the street, and thought it odd that a neighbor was also leaving at the same time at that hour of the night. After I continued rearranging my luggage in the back seat, I stood up to walk away from my car and was amazed to see, for just a couple split seconds, an animal standing directly across the street in front of the neighbor’s garage under the light of the street lamp. I saw it was short-haired, grayish-looking and it appeared to be long through the body, quite tall with very long legs and quite a slender animal. I didn’t know what it was until it instantaneously ran, once it became aware of my presence. It wasnt until it ran that I knew it was a cat. I couldnt see it’s head and dont recall in those couple of seconds if it’s tail were long, or short. I set our garbage out to the curb earlier in the evening, which is where it was standing in front of, as though it intended to come over and search for food.

  24. Larry writes:

    I am writing to report seeing two large Mountain Lions, my two sons and I seen while sitting and waiting for deer to appear in a field near my residence. I hear them coming from 30 or so yards off, thinking they were deer. Then heard nothing for the next few minutes. Then my step son Kyle said, hey look at that big owl. When I looked, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. This cat was 3 to 4 feet in length and its fat thick tail was 2 1/2 feet long, was sitting perched on a limb 15 feet on a tree, watching us from only twenty feet away. That’s when I saw a second cat just a few feet from the first. I had my camera but was so excited my pictures turned out blurry. Needless to say, I finally realized they were stalking us. We quickly got out of there. I became concerned for my children’s safety. I will never in all my life forget what I seen. Ive hunted, worked in logging industry, camped, fished and hiked most of the region for 30+ years, and never seen what Ive seen, until last night. 7/28/2009 I do plan on placing game cameras up soon hoping to catch a glimpse of these Big Cats. Please write back.

    Larry Bevans

  25. My brother was coming home from work last week and when he was heading around the curve he said he had a mountain lion jump right out in front of him he said he slammed his brakes said the cat was at least 4 feet in length dark brown and had a long tail. This sighting was reported in Indiana County PA. The location is near New Florence, PA. Very thick terrain and a great deal of places for cats to hide.

  26. just last week i saw one. didnt know what it was till i saw it climb a tree. i was gunna shoot it but didnt know if i would get a fine if i killed it or not. some one wanna tell me what should i do if i see it again?

  27. I live in Altoona PA. I’ve been a hunter all my life. I recently moved to the outskirts of the city where I have 3 acres bordering the woods. In the month I’ve lived here I’ve seen 12 deer a turkey and a red fox( which has a den in my field adjacent to my house). Today as my children preparing for football practice, my daughter called me to her room to show an animal walking across the top of our property. To my surprise it was a mountain lion. I know what a Bobcat looks like, For I’ve seen them in the wild before. There is no doubt in my mind what I saw. It was larger than my Brittany Spaniel with a long tail, and it was definitely a cat! I was tempted to shot it. It was less than forty yards away. My question to anyone who might know is, who can I call to check the legality of shooting it, because I’m told the game commission will simply tell me there are no mountain lions in central PA.

  28. August 26th, 2009 at 9:10 Am
    Recently while hiking near Hyndman Pa. near Game lands 104 in Bedford County around 4:00pm on a hot July afternoon I was walking up to the top of whats known locally as Clites Farm. There is a large mountain farm 200 acres and also a 911 tower on the top of the mountain here above Hyndman. I rode my motorcycle up Tiger Valley rd about 5 miles to the Clites gate and parked the bike. I began my walk up the mountain early this day around 3:00 pm and as I walked I noticed how quiet it was along the way as I got closer to the top of the mountain I turned around and to my amazement and there at about 100 yds in the middle of the road stood a “BIG CAT” standing looking straight at me I would estimate its body was 24″ tall and 36″ to 48″ long its color was light brown with a tan & white face and it was looking straight at me it also had a long tail. It startled me at first and I must have moved or something because it started to slowly walk away from me out the road. Every so often it would stop turn and look back as if to see if I was still there. I got kinda scared due to not having a gun or weapon with me. I thought I was seeing things. I did not think these big cats existed in these parts. You would not have wanted to have tangled with this cat at all. I will think twice from here on out before going up there anymore. Since my glimpse of this cat there has been 2 small calves killed on this mans farm and the owners pet goat is missing too and also the property owner has seen what he thought was the same big cat a few weeks after my sighting. You really need to think twice about traveling these mountains alone or without protection I used to be skeptical about cats in these parts but not no more. Thanks,

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  29. picture of lion on game cam in rew pa dragging a 10 point buck at three post feeder

  30. Just yesterday I received a photo from a trial camera in Bedford county. Its a mountain lion carrying a deer. I truly believe its not a fake. I also hunt in Illinois and I have seen big cats there, black as a matter of fact. And no, I have never seen a bigfoot.

  31. Update on this Bedford County Cat – New sighting same farm 2 weeks ago near game lands 104 the farmer was riding his atv when suddenly the cat appeared crossing in the road in front of him at about 50 yards. He estimated the cats body was 4 feet long and he or she stood 3 ft tall. Long tail browm with white on its face. The cat looked him over briefly then bolted across the road. As mentioned prior the farms lost 2 calves and the pet goat. 1 calve carcass was found in the woods but the others were never found. Game lands 104 is a vast area comprising thousands of acres of wilderness with very limited access. I would estimate its land area to comprise 5 square miles plenty of room for a cat like this to be happy in. We’re going to try some bait and cameras to see if we can get some pictures for everyone to see. This cat is huge and very elusive so far but he or she is out there.

  32. i was looking at the pic this weekend started thinking the horns where to clean for this time of the year -no vevet — then i looked and noticed the fur was a winter coat not redish as the deer in pa are at this time of the year .. so i looked up —mountin lion draging a big buck … and bingo just as i thought not a pa lion -the pic was a fake –altho i do belive there are lions in pa this pic is not a pa lion
    the end

  33. sorry guys thats not a lion in pa

    here look at this .same photo taken in s.texas
    i was looking at the pic this weekend started thinking the horns where to clean for this time of the year -no vevet — then i looked and noticed the fur was a winter coat not redish as the deer in pa are at this time of the year .. so i looked up —mountin lion draging a big buck … and bingo just as i thought not a pa lion -the pic was a fake –altho i do belive there are lions in pa this pic is not a pa lion
    the end

  34. I have also recieved the same trail cam pic, will have 2 download pic & send it 2 site 4 U all 2 check it out. No dought its a big cat & when U start 2 talk at work 2 other hunters 2% of them have witness a siting which all hesitate 2 saying what they have seen saying no one would believe them, one story from a volunteer game comish said after numerious reports near skytop mtn. of a big cat lead a game comish officer & him 2 check it out & put out 20 trail cams on sat. the following sat went 2 check the trail cams when almost there the cat jump out on the tram road in front of them, both in disbelieve watched the cat 4 several min. anxiously checking the trail cams had no pics of cat & couldnt find any scat. Didnt report since there was no evidence except what they seen wit there eyes, not good enough 4 harrisburg.

  35. I personally have never seen a mountain lion in PA, and the last credible sighting I know of in my area was from 1959. However, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the woods while hunting and fishing. I repeatedly find tracks, especially in the winter in or around deer season. One season, I cut 3 seperate tracks in 3 completely different, remote areas. If anyone is interested in looking around, the places I’m talking about are
    Paulfer Hill, Dunn’s Eddy, and the Coover’s Crossing Road side of York Hill. These areas are in the Youngsville, Tidioute and Pittsfield areas of Warren County, PA. (1 hour east of Erie, on route 6 and 15 minutes south of the NY State border on route 27).

    About 8-10 years ago, I found a partial skeleton of a whitetail deer about 300 yards behind my house. It was relatively fresh, though partially eaten and had been picked over by the crows and vultures. I took a closer look to see if I could identify what klled the deer, i.e. if a car had wounded it and it died there, or maybe a bullet wound. All I saw was a set puncture wounds in the skull near the point where the spine meets the head. It looked like canine incisors present in a large predator. There weren’t any tracks visible, but I have seen tracks within a mile, so it’s at least plausible that this site could be a mountain lion kill.

    This was on the north shore of the Brokenstraw Creek at the base of York Hill about 3/4 mile west of the old furniture factory.

    I currently live in southern california and have seen mountain lions and their tracks in person. So yes, I do know for sure that the tracks I’ve seen in PA are mountain lion tracks, and the PA tracks are generally a bit larger.

  36. the picture of the mt. lion carrying a buck is from the Dakota’s. It is not a PA photo. the other photo of a BOBCAT in the snow is not, I repeat, not a mt. lion. look at the ears and the 6″ tail gentlemen

  37. docc Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 11th, 2009 at 6:12 am
    sorry guys thats not a lion in pa

    here look at this .same photo taken in s.texas
    i was looking at the pic this weekend started thinking the horns where to clean for this time of the year -no vevet — then i looked and noticed the fur was a winter coat not redish as the deer in pa are at this time of the year .. so i looked up —mountin lion draging a big buck … and bingo just as i thought not a pa lion -the pic was a fake –altho i do belive there are lions in pa this pic is not a pa lion
    the end

  38. The last picture of the mountain lion carrying a dead buck is NOT FROM PENNSYLVANIA. This has been online since at least May of 2009: and was taken in Texas.

    This photo has been popping up in forums all over the internet this month, attributed to some SouthWestern PA trail camera. I heard about it from a friend who heard it from a bartender’s friend. Don’t believe the hype.

  39. In 1995 I was bow hunting in Shawnee State Park, close to the end of season when for the first time ever hunting this spot I saw no deer till all the suden I heard a noise below me and here came a small doe running full speed up through the woods and it was being chased by a huge cat with a very long tail. I sat in my treestand totally amazed heard some more noise at the top of the hill where they went to and then the cat came back down over the hill broad side to me 10 minutes later 50 yards max walking making no noise at all, trust me I got a really good look debated shooting it and then just watched it walk out of sight. no doubt about it it was a mountain lion. a few weeks later about a mile away a friends wife saw a big cat crossing route 30. I had called the Pa Game Commission and they told me the no mountain lions in Pa story but then said my report was like # 15 in Napier township.

  40. Let’s use our heads here a little bit guys. Its not that hard to figure out WHY and HOW we have PA Mtn Lions…and why people see them so often.

    The exotic animal trade is a HUGE billion dollar business. Big cats including Mtn Lions and black cats are easily attainable through this market. Its not underground at all…its very open and easy to find, if you know where to look. Mt Hope Exotic sale is one of 20 in the US..and they sell Mtn lion cubs for 300.00-400.00 EASY.

    Our PA Mtn Lions arent truly wild…they’re escapes or releases from this trade..and once released/escaped…they beocme wild and DO breed. Big cats are everywhere and the idea of “permits” is a joke…its not policed or checked enough. In OH, the laws are county by county.

    Big cats are everywhere and thats why/how we have them. The black cats that reported do not exist? Yep…they’re around too. No way it can be a mtn lion? yep…you’re right there…they’re black Jags or leopards that are bred in TX, LA or the deep south for the trade…sold, then escaped or released. I assure you this is true…I was part of a documentary that will soon be released.

    Lastly, the PGC MUST and DOES lie about this…they have to deny this issue to protect our rights due to the antis and greenies. if we have full disclosure on these cats as being WILD…hunting and trapping could be compromised. Truth!

  41. Mountain Lions, both brown and black have been seen in the Friendsville area. I have seen 2 of them. Once about 5 years ago and just last week I saw a black one about one half mile from the village of Friendsville. It was in bright daylight crossing the road.

  42. This past weekend I was out riding my atv with 2 friends just west of bear creek,pa in luzurne county just off rt.115 when I saw running up the side of the hill a large dark color animal,I sped up to get a closer look when I noticed this was not a deer or bear but a cat.This cat had a 2 to 3ft long tail and was running up like it was hopping,my buddies behind started yelling its a cat “a big cat”I’ve been going to this area almost all my life.I’m a hunter who is always in the outdoors,calling my boss right away him being a game commision officer in pa told me,”no your not crazy but there are no lions in pa you dont know that”he then asked me to find tracks but no firearm on me means no search for now but I will be prepared next time……

  43. I wanted everyone to be aware that I spotted what seemed to be a cougar or mountain lion last night night around 9:15 in the Sewickley – Ohio Township area in the North Hills. I live in a gated community and was outside by our entry way to the house. I looked up at the small hillside in front of me and saw this walking to my right. It was 3 to 4 foot long and dark in color. It then perched itself in the bushes five feet away from the neighbor’s front doors. Hunters in the Mt. Nebo Road/Route 79 area be careful. This thing was on the prowl.

  44. Um There is most definitely a Puma/cougar/mountain lion dead, hit by a car from the looks of it, on the side of 376 E in Pittsburgh just before getting onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

  45. We have had a sighting on my family’s property in Centre Co. It was on July 3rd in a field about 210 yds from the camp. It was killing a deer in the field and 2 ladies who also have a camp nearby heard the screaming of the deer and came to investigate. They got three pictures of it from a distance of probably 130-150 yards away. The pictures arent the clearest, but its pretty obvious to me that it is definitely bigger than a bobcat. A week or 2 after this incident, another local to the area was taking her standard-sized poodle for a walk and had a big cat come across the trail in front of them. She said it was much bigger than her dogs (and standard poodle are pretty big animals), was the color of a deer and had a long tail. Sounds like a mountain lion to me!!!! I have no way to post the pictures but have sent them to Fuzzie, so maybe he has a way to set up a link for you to click on.

  46. 11/27/2017 this morning!!! I saw one today while hunting in game land in Dillsburg.
    I was 15 yards away and it walked very slowly. I have seen bobcats close by and they werent them and also coyotes as well, Had one about 5 yards before running while I was by my gate in Manchester, Pa (near York). It was no coyote either.
    This cat was long and had a long tail and furry with some black lines at end. It was about 3 times the size of the coyotes. I got a great view of it as it walked past me. It was no house cat (was over 100 lbs) I had a shepherd at 100 and this cat was that size but longer in length. Legs were thicker too. And had a long log tail. Was no fox, I see them all the time to. Looked well feed and groomed too. Could have been a younger one at about 100 lbs?? Email me if you don’t believe me, no phone calls, don’t have pics cause I was deer hunting and my gun don’t take pictures.
    Semper Fi

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