Is the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission going to merge together, all under the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources?

Jim Slinsky thinks this is probably a bad idea.

Not surprisingly, the PA Game Commission is not in favor of any merger.

Would it surprise you to read that the PA Fish & Boat Commission didn’t really respond to the proposed merger, but reframed the question to some bureaucratic double-speak.

To some, having three different agencies compete for precious outdoors enthusiasts’ money smacks of lunacy. Let see, the game deputies busy time is the fall/winter months, and the fish & boat officers are really busy in the spring/summer. I wonder whether merging the two might not save some precious tax dollars?

2 Comments on “Merger?

  1. There are only two seasons for WCO’s busy and really busy if you think that after hunting season stops ( really never stops ) things slow down you are wrong. The phones ring in the
    Region Offices as much in the Summer as the Winter most times.The Agency each do what they do well be carefull what you wish for.

  2. The PA Game Commission and PA Fish Commision has never done anything to help the
    hunting or fishing sportsmen of the Commonwealth!! They have squandered our heritage
    of wild trout, wild pheasants, wild grouse, and most recently wild deer. (We never
    had any quality deer management, just quantity deer management, and now they have
    taken that away). So, I for one am 100% in favor of cutting their numbers in half in
    the name of finanacial efficiency!!! Hell, I go past the local game warden’s new
    house construction all the time and just wish I had as much time to spend working on
    my house as he does his, while on the company payroll and he is a “rookie” and I have
    been at my position for 20+ years!!! Must be nice to have a Government Job!!! I for
    one am sick and tired of paying for such waste!!! If any private company had their
    record, they would have been bankrupt long time ago and a better system would be in
    place!!! It is time for a change.


    Ridge Runner

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